Ebay Wish List #6

1. Denim Bralet - £9.99
2. White Embroidery Skater Dress - £24.99
3. Lace Trim Skater Skirt - £8.28
4. Crop Jumper - £14.99
5. Chunky Gladiator Sandals - £14.99
6. Wire Bendy Hairband - £1.49

I cannot wait for Summer. As you can probably tell Summer was all I was thinking about when I was making this wish list. There has been terrible weather recently, it has been raining constantly and the skies are always grey and I'm just hoping that the sun will make its way out to brighten up my day. But until then, I will have to make Summer inspired wish lists on eBay.

Are you excited for Summer? Would you purchase any of these items?

 photo fcca96d0-e8cc-4b98-a473-4863f4299f57_zpsc2f78142.png

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