Seventeen Cheek Stamp Blush.

Seventeen had never been a brand I searched for in Boots or Superdrug, their products had never really interested me or got me excited. However, recently lots of things have been catching my eye. Not only due to the little blue sticker on lots of products stating they are 'new' but the different and innovative products that I don't see on every other beauty brand stand.  The item that caught my eye this week was the Cheek Stamp Blush. There seems to be a collection of the Cheek Stamp Blush which was released last year, however, recently there has been a heap of new colours released. 

Firstly, I liked to talk about the packaging. I love it, I think it's really fun and girly and definitely grabs your attention. The fact that it was in a little box is a plus and it made me really intrigued about the product inside. The blusher itself is in a small plastic compact. On the outside, at the top is a little mirror which is a good size and is perfect if you need a mirror on the go. To open up the product you twist to take two sections apart. One which contains the blusher in the cap and other has a circular sponge applicator on a spring. I'm not going to lie, when I first saw the applicator it terrified me. Would this look okay or would this make me look a bit like a clown? The first few times trying with the sponge, I did look a little ridiculous. I pressed down too hard on my cheek and swiped it across my cheek towards my ear, the blusher looked too heavy and messy and I realised that I was doing something very wrong. When I did finally find the right technique for me, it was very easy and very quick to apply. 

The cheek stamp comes in five shades, I went for a pale pink called Blushin'. It's lovely subtle pink that gives your cheeks a little pop of colour, however, if you wanted a stronger look it can be built up. The powder itself is really easy and simple to blend. After putting a pop on your cheek you can either blend with your fingers or a brush to direct your blusher and fade the colour. The powder makes this really easy and let's you completely control the strength and look you're going for. 

Overall, this is a lovely little edition to my blusher collection and highly welcomed into my make up bag. I adore the colour and the product design and is amazing for £4.99. 

Have you tried this product? What blusher would you recommend?

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