Lost City Adventure Golf.

Last week we visited Lost City Adventure Golf in the city center, it had opened the Summer previously but last week was the first chance that we had to visit. To begin with I was a bit unsure about it being in the city center, I normally imagine mini golf by the beach on a hot sunny day with ice cream and a million seagulls flying around, however I was pleasantly surprised how well the set up worked. The mini golf itself was underground. You had to go down one set of stairs to the entrance and down another set to get to the mini golf itself.  There was two different eighteen courses that you can do, you can either pick one or do both, they were Tempus Trail or Sacred Skull Pass. We chose to pick Sacred Skull Pass due to it being the less busy of the two, however, they seemed to be very similar in holes. 

As you can tell from the pictures the courses were jungle themed. The courses were so nicely decorated and there was so much detail going into all aspects of the course. I especially like the little sign at the start informing us to stay on the paths due to 'crumbling walls'! There was plants, rocks and aztec style buildings as well as playing thunder and lightning sounds to give a jungle like impression. The holes did not vary as much as I would have liked, they were all quite similar but just increased in difficultness as you went along. The only issue I found, which was only a fault of my own, is that we went in half term. The place was packed with kids and parents everywhere which meant that was a queue for every single hole. Sometimes we waited about fifteen minutes to play one hole. Like I said, that was our own fault and should have visited term time when there wouldn't be half as busy, we were the only adults without kids for miles so would have been a very quiet and quick game if we timed it a little better.  

It was a really enjoyable day and even though we weren't very good (more me), it was a lot of fun. In the end, I lost and I would definately go again to take on the other hole and try and redeem myself, but not in half term! 

Have you ever been mini golfing? Where would you reccommed for a fun day out?
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