Five Alternative Dates for Valentines Day.

As Valentines Day fast approaches us I've found myself thinking about the holiday more and more. Last year was the first Valentines day where I was not single, the previous nineteen years I was on my own. I am not bitter and heartless, but the day with a partner, was not that different. We exchanged cards, purely for the fact that I had never received a Valentines Day card before (I don't think the ones I received in primary school counted) and lazed around in the evening catching up on episodes of various tv shows.

I'm not slating anyone who celebrates Valentines Day, but I suppose I fall somewhere in between the cliche of 'why don't people celebrate love all year round' or 'it's just a marketing scheme' and  'I don't want to be alone on the day'. I am not a very romantic person and the thought of going for a romantic candle lit dinner makes me cringe a little inside and as that isn't my cup of tea I compiled a list of alternative things to do for Valentines day for the the less romantic people in the world like me.

1. Watch Scary Movies. 
I am so easily scared when it comes to horror movies. I don't like the dark and I can be very jumpy which results in me watching horror films the majority of times, through my fingers. But, having said that, I love watching them! As terrifying as I find them, I really enjoy them and think they are so fun to watch. I recommend Sinister, The Conjuring or Mama if you want to be scared or if you want more a laugh, there are low budget horror movies such as SharknadoMega Shark vs Giant Octopus. 

2. Take a Night Safari 
The National History Museum is hosting special Valentines Day tours. Depending on whether you are a romantic and love Valentines Day or are sceptical about romance, depends on which tour you will ultimately take. You can either see the beautiful and wonderful sides to nature with The Beautiful Tour or The Ugly Tour where you will meet the ugliest and gruesome creatures in nature.

3. Grab a Takeaway
I'm not going to lie, I'd get a takeaway over a meal out any day. If you don't fancy going out for dinner or cooking, then a takeaway would be the sensible choice!

4. Build a Fort. 
I am twenty one years olds and yes, I still make forts. They can provide hours of fun with your other half and can be extremely comfy and cosy to lounge around in. Get lots of pillows and twinkly lights, pop on a scary movie or favourite tv show and eat your take-away, perfect!

5. Explore Your Town
There are so many attractions in the city I was born and grew up in which I have never visited. A good way to spend your Valentines Day is to explore these and do something new you wouldn't normally do with your partner. After doing a little research on your town you may be surprised by the wide range of activities and attractions that are available to you and how inexpensive they are! Local museums entry are normally free of charge or only cost a couple of pound!

What are your plans for Valentines Day? Are you planning on doing any of these?

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