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Hello lovelies! I don't know about you, but one of the biggest problems I have with my hair is volume, it's naturally very thin and flat and I feel like I constantly battle with my hair the majority of the time, therefore, I just end up tying it up in a hair bobble to keep it out the way. I was over the moon to receive the Umberto Giannini Incredible Range for Christmas as it promises to fix the troubles I currently have with my hair. 

These three cans came in a gift set, along with a back comb and some rollers (which I have not yet tried out). First off I'd like to start of with the packaging of the range. They originally come with golden shiny lids, however, every time I was trying to take a picture my face was just reflecting back, it was a little off putting and nobody wants to see that! I actually really like the packaging and think it is quite classy. The design of the woman's face they have on the front is unique compared to a lot of other hair ranges there are and defiantly makes it stand out on the shelf.

When styling my hair after it's been washed the first product I use is the 'Volume Mousse for Big Hair'. It claims to give the ultimate root lift and all day body and after reading this, I was quite pessimistic. Surely not all day?! The product is applied to roots and the lengths of damp hair and after my hair was dried, I did see a considerable difference. My hair looked fuller and dare I say, more voluminous. The mousse application did not leave my hair feel sticky or hard and was very easy to massage into my hair. The only negative I have with the mousse application itself (I don't know if this applies to everyone or I have a acquired a dodgy poorly manufactured one) is that as much as I shake the can the mousse is still quite runny. I have tried pressing it at different angles, but no luck. 

My favourite of three is the 'Root Boost Volume Spray for Big Hair'. I was a big fan of the VO5 plump it up backcomb spray and in many ways it is very similar. It is sprayed on the roots of your hair to lift and add volume claims to have an intense thickening power to give fullness and volume that lasts. Once again, the product does not make my hair feel sticky or look clumpy, but actually boosts my roots making it look natural, even though this is very far from the truth. I found this product worked best if after I applied it to my roots I messed them up with my finger tips for a more messy and textured look.

The last product in the range is the 'Full Volume Hairspray for Big Hair'. To be honest, when I saw this product it was the one I was least excited about, however, after reading the back of I couldn't wait to give it a try. It aims to leave the hair with a healthy shine and sleek professional finish with added Panthenol to help strengthen and condition and it also claims to have a weightless and invisible formula. I felt the most disappointed with this item as I didn't think it delivered the claims it made, however, it's still a very good hairspray that I'll be using in the future.

Do you own any of this range? What other similar products would you recommend?

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