Orly Polish | NAUGHTY

I got this nail polish as a freebie a few months back in Cosmo however, I had not had the chance to try it up until recently. To be perfectly honest, the colour did not appeal to me in the slightest sitting on the shop shelves, but being the last available I had no choice but to buy it. From the outside, the colour in the bottle makes you believe it is a lot darker then what is on the nails, which is why it taken me so long to try it out. I find on the nails it's a gorgeous deep red colour but, needs two coats to reach the dark red colour, as with one coat it is just red. I find this varnish amazing quality and leaves a lovely creamy finish on the nails. The only downfall I've found is that it chips quite easily as after one day I had to repaint certain nails. However, other than that, I love this varnish and adore the colour. 

Do you own any Orly varnish? What do you think of them?

 photo fcca96d0-e8cc-4b98-a473-4863f4299f57_zpsc2f78142.png

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