Here is a very late November favourites, but better late then never right? This month, once again, hasn't been very exciting. It has consisted of deadlines and a very stressed me. Only two essays left and I am finished for Christmas, exciting. It's been quite a sad month for me as my little hamster died. He had a tumour in his stomach and was put down as he was in too much pain. It's weird him not being in my room, keeping my up all night by running on his wheel. But on the plus side, I am really excited for Christmas. I have never felt so festive (I think it's seeing all the Christmas posts in the blogging community). All the shopping's done and Christmas wrapping is done and I am so excited to give them out. However, moving on, here are my favourites from this month..

  1. Statement Necklace. 
This month I have been wearing statement necklaces a lot. I've never really worn a lot of necklaces, but recently have been incorporating them into a lot of my outfits. This one is my favourite from Internacionale, I can't seem to find it on the website anymore, but I think it might have been £3.99. I love to pop it under the collar of a shirt or on top of a knitted jumper.

 2. Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara

I bought this mascara after my Benefit, They're Real mascara ran out, I was not too impressed with it so didn't feel the need to repurchase. Instead of splashing out on an expensive mascara I again might not have been happy with, I thought I'd  go and see what high street brand mascaras were available. The Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam mascara has been out for a while, but only recently did I decide to try it out for myself. I have really enjoyed using this, it aims to give you 60's volumanised lashes. It has an hour glass shaped brush which reaches all the little lashes at the corner of your eyes and my lashes appear thicker and longer, with hardly any clumping.

3. The Beauty Game

I am quite a big reader, but have not yet featured many books on here and with so many deadlines recently I've struggled to find the time to read. However, I am currently reading this book, The Beauty Game by Michaela Day. I'm about a third the way through the book at the moment and am loving it. It's about a girl named Zoe venturing into a beauty industry full of secrets and lies. 

What are your November favourites? Do you own any of these items?

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