Ebay Wishlist | #3

1. Cross Statement Necklace - £3.69. Recently, I have found myself wearing a lot more necklaces than I used to do and as I only own a couple, I thought I'd go on the hunt for some more. Ebay has a ridiculous amount, all at really cheap prices. I found myself hovering towards the cross style ones, more specifically this one. I think it's just really simple and would be a lovely added detail.

2. Lace Playsuit -  £5.59. I love lace clothing and playsuits, so this is a perfect combination! 

3. Christmas Jumper - £2.99. Seeing as its the first of December today, I couldn't resist adding in a cheeky little Christmas jumper. I especially love this one as it's a twist on the standard, snowman, reindeer etc, Christmas jumpers you usually find. It's also a quote from Home Alone, which I absolutely adore watching around this time of year, it's a fab film! And it's only £2.99 with free postage, there is no excuse. 

4. Chelsea Boots - £9.99. This has been on my wishlist for a while now and still haven't got around to buying them as I'm a bit scared about buying shoes off the internet. Maybe one day.

5. Peter Pan Collar Shift Dress - £9.97. I love the lace collar detailing on this dress, it's a lovely touch. I think this dress is really smart and can easily be layered up so that the collar will be poking out. 

6. Light Blue Chain Purse - £4.88. Finally, this chain purse. This comes in a whole heap of colours, I was just really drawn to this light blue one. I think it would be perfect for a night out. 

Have you found any Ebay bargains recently?

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