December Birchbox Review

It's more than a week since I last posted on here, which is strange as I have posted every few days since this little blog started. I haven't really got an excuse, it's just Christmas time and had a really busy and exciting last few weeks. I probably won't get back into the swing of things until the new year, I've just really been enjoying things outside the internet world recently.

I was impressed with my previous Birchbox, so I was happy enough to sign up for another month. This months theme was Winter Wonderland. Once again, it came with the lovely little cards containing tutorials, little gift tags as well as a voucher containing $20 to spend at Baublebar. But moving onto the items..

These are probably my favourite three items from this months box. I will start with the Jour d'automne, Non Aerosol Hairspray. I have never heard of this brand before but was really intrigued by the concept. I love trying out new hairsprays so was really excited to see this in my box, even though I am unfamiliar with the brand. I haven't yet had the chance to try this out, but it claims to have 'an advanced delivery system that takes beneficial botanical ingredients and creates tiny molecules from that material to infuse unique anti-aging, strengthening, color preserving and purifying.'  I am very excited to give this a try. Next up is the Bee Kind, Body Lotion. This is a 30ml sample with honey and organic chamomile extracts. The lotion moisturises and hydrates the skin, leaving it feeling lovely and soft. I find the scent a little overpowering when it is at first out of the tube, but when it is rubbed into the skin is a lot more subtle. Finally, a portion of all proceedings of this product supports honeybees and the sustainable pollination research, so more of a reason to use it. My favourite product of the three has to be this product from Nail Rock. It contains a nail varnish called 'velvet burgundy' as well as a nail velvet pot which I am very excited about. You apply two coats of nail varnish, then dip your fingernails into the pot to create a velvet texture effect. I haven't done all my nails yet, but have experimented with this product, and I love it. I have never tried anything like this before, but really enjoy the effect that it gives me. I'm planning on doing a full review of this product once I've tried it out (and have some decent lighting to take photos!). 

I'll start with the perfume sample, which is 'Glam' by Lipsy London. Even though perfume samples are not for everyone, I enjoy getting them. I like trying out new scents and I like popping them in my handbag for nights out. I found it really hard to describe perfumes, but it does have a gorgeous scent that I would definitely consider buying in the future. Next is the Twistband. I don't have anything particularly bad to say about this item, but I just wish there was something else instead. Finally, the last two items are the Jane Iredale, Just Kissed, lip and cheek stain and Alima Pure Shimmer eye shadow and are ridiculously tiny! I was originally really excited about the lip and cheek stain when I first find out I was receiving it. This product adjusts to your skin, so essentially, is unique to you as it looks different on everyone. For starters, I tried using it on my lips, I wouldn't say it added colour to my lips. but gave them a glossy effect which I didn't mind. However, I did find that it left a sticky and heavy texture which I wasn't a fan of. I liked the product a lot more when it was applied to my cheeks. The product left a lovely pink shade on my cheeks, however, due to the texture I found it really hard to blend and ended up leaving my cheeks all red from trying to blend it in to how I liked it. I haven't used a product like this before, so maybe I will get used to it and learn to like it. Lastly, is the shimmer eye shadow in 'Chai'. I actually think this is a really pretty colour and I love the shimmer it has. Unfortunately, I just don't wear eye shadow so this product was slightly wasted on me.

Overall,  I don't know how I feel about this months Birchbox. I liked the hairspray, body lotion and nail varnish, however, the rest of the items were quite disappointing, not to mention the really small samples. I understand that it's hard to please everyone and don't want to be negative because I loved last months, but for the price I pay I expected a bit more. 

Do you receive Birchbox? What do you think of this months? Would you recommend any alternatives?

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