What's In My Bag?

First up is my bag. I bought this in the Summer during the sales from Primark for £5. I don't normally buy Primark bags as although the majority are gorgeous, I worry about the strength. There's nothing worse than walking around town and all of a sudden you strap breaks and you have to awkwardly carry your bag around town for the rest of the day, it's happened to me a few times (very embarrassing!). However, I was pleasantly surprised that this one is still in tack. It has a hand bag style strap and a longer one that I normally use, with the nice theme of rose gold buckles throughout the bag. I was unsure of the lace cut out at the front of the bag, but it's slowly growing on me. I feel that the plain white background is a bit harsh and I would have liked it if the detailing was a bit more subtle.

Here are the things that I take to university with me on the a daily basis. The thing every student needs are notebooks. The larger one is for general everyday lecture notes, whilst the smaller Pukka one being solely for dissertation notes, which I mainly use in between lectures in the library. They are both water drenched, due to all the rainy weather we've had recently and my bag is not the most water proof thing in the world, I'm just happy that I can still read my writing. Next, on to my diary. It's a Moleskin Petit Prince weekly planner and I absolutely adore it. There are lovely little illustrations throughout and is such good quality. It also comes with a desk calender, which is sitting proudly upon my desk and an address book at the back. I'm sad that this year is coming to an end and I'll have to find a new one. 

Next up are my highlighters. I purchased these a few years back when I first started university from Paperchase, they come in a set of five, but one has gone missing since then unfortunately! They're cute little panda faces, pink obviously seems to be my most used. I also normally have a couple of pens in my bag for general day to day, very exciting stuff. And finally, post it notes. I think I'm starting to gain an obsession with them, I use them constantly for anything I can justify using one for. I have many different shapes, sizes and colours and I like to pop a couple in my bag just in case.

Here are the remaining items that I normally have floating around my bag during the week. I carry round some roll on Sure deodorant for the long days of university and for when I waitress. Next is the Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick in the shade 'Kiss of Life'. I love this lipstick and use it on a daily basis. As this is my bag for university, I don't really carry make up around with me and just normally pop this into my bag to reapply when it's needed. The floral make up bag is from Primark a couple of years ago now and is used to carry around all types of tablets, I'm prone to headaches so always carry around with paracetamols or ibuprofen, I also travel sickness tablets in there, I am ready for whatever may be thrown at me!

This beautiful purse is from River Island. I also have so many cards, reward cards, tickets, receipts and all sorts in my purse so I am grateful that this one has so many different sections for all my things. I have this for a good year now and is such good quality as it shows no signs of wear at all. Then we have my umbrella, which is black and white striped with a bow detail now and again. I have no idea where this is from but has just been floating around my house for a while before finding its way into my handbag. And lastly, the most exciting item of all, my keys!

So those are all the items in my bag, if you've done a post similar, let me know..