Haul | Part One | Primark

This weekend I finally had a chance to do a little shopping! I've done the haul in three parts, the first one being clothes, more specifically what I bought in my visit to Primark. I didn't buy too much from Primark and what I did buy isn't incredibly exciting, but here's what I got all the same.

First up, is this royal blue knitted jumper. I don't own any blue clothing, but when I saw this jumper I absolutely adored the colour. It also comes, in a turquoise, pale pink and some others. Unfortunately. they did not have this colour in my size and only had a size 18 and a size 20 left. I do normally buy jumpers a couple of sizes bigger than my size because I like wearing jumpers that are quite baggy on me. Does anyone else do this? It also has quite a chunky gold zip going down the back which I thought was a nice detail to an ordinary jumper. This cost me £8 which I was quite surprised at this considering the prices in Primark had seemed to be going up recently.

The next thing on my wishlist was some simple black jeans. I'm not a big jean wearer so I didn't want to splash out on some expensive jeans if they weren't going to get the use. They're high waisted, black (even though they look a greeny colour in the picture?!) skinny jeans. They don't fit completely right (I have a weird body shape so I find it quite difficult for trousers to fit me comfortably) but for £10 they're not bad.

 Lastly are this suede boots. I was on the hunt for boots without a heel as all the ones I own seem to have one so I thought these would be a little more appropriate for when it starts to get icy and snowy. These came in a choice of either beige or black, I chose the beige because I have so many black shoes and thought it would be a good idea to get a different colour for once. They're really comfortable to wear and can wear them all day without them hurting my feet. These boots are currently on sale for £8, again, I thought this was quite cheap for boots in Primark.

Do you own any of these items?

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