Recently #1

Cheesy chips and pizza on my own, American goodies, scruffy hair, my life recently: essay work and Yankee candle, late presents for my birthday, chocolate and floral bunting.

01. This month has not been the most exciting. I am now going into my third week of uni and I've been bombarded with dissertation deadlines and essays already, my week has consisted of library trips, scruffy hair and sitting at my desk in my pajamas. Not very glamorous. Cue many cups of tea and snacks to get me through my research. 

02. I haven't been out in town for a while and when I finally did, it resulted in a very hungover me the day after. I used to be able to spend all night out and get up early the next morning for uni or work, but not anymore. I just roll around in bed all day, feeling sorry for myself and ordering take away. 

03. My friend recently got back from a trip to America, bringing lots of American goodies back, including this Nutella dip back for me, needless to say this was gone very quickly! 

04. I finally joined twitter (@ddaintyowl), this is the first time I've used it so it's all very new to me, but I'll get the hang of it eventually. 

How's your month been? Been up to anything exciting recently?