L'OREAL Super Liner Blockbuster

 My everyday make up look consists of a thin black line of eyeliner on the top of my eyelid. When I'm going to university or work I don't like spending a lot of time on my make up so normally consists of this, a bit of foundation and mascara. Finding the perfect liquid eyeliner has always been a struggle for me, there's always been something that I have not been quite happy with which resulted in me going out and hunting for a new one.

I hadn't heard of the Super Liner Blockbuster from L'OREAL before buying it (I realise that it has been out for a while now, I've just been blissfully unaware!)  but when I saw it in Superdrug, I bought it on a whim. This first thing that had drawn me to it was the pen tip. I normally use thinner brush style tips so I was intrigued by this different application which I had never used before. I actually prefer the pen tip so much more, you can easily control the thickness of your eyeliner, depending if you want a thick black line or a more subtle thin line. I also find it easier to get my eyeliner matching as you can control at what angle and how to apply it.

I found the colour extremely pigmented. The eyeliner claims to be on the packaging 'extra black' and it certainly is. One of the problems I've had with eyeliners previously is when they claim to be black but in reality, they show up on your skin as a dark grey. However, there is no problem with this and also doesn't fade as the day goes on. This moves me on to the longevity. I know this isn't the best test of longevity, but if I accidentally go to sleep in my make up, it's normally still there the next day and not smudged all down my face. But really, it lasts all day and I have very rarely had to retouch it. It also dries very quickly on your lid and have never had the problem of it smudging into the crease of my eyelid, which is my number one pet peeve with liquid eyeliners.

Overall, I am a big fan of eyeliner. I wear it constantly and think its great value for money. It currently retails in Boots or Superdrug for around £6.99.

Have you had experience with this product? What is your favourite go to eyeliner?

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