Halloween Wishlist

1. Velvet Bunny Ear Scunchie - Topshop
2. Creepy T-Shirt - New Look
3. Rib Cage Swing Dress - Boohoo
4. Bug Necklace - Topshop
5. Green Ghoul Girl Skirt - Topshop
6. Eyeball Print Shorts- Boohoo

As you must know by now, Halloween is fast approaching us. Although I don't enjoy the dressing up, scary movies or anything too spooky, I do enjoy the quirky items of clothing that are released this time of year. Here are a few items that I have been loving recently. I understand that some of these items may have been released purely for Halloween purposes, but I feel like paired with the right thing, they can be worn all the time! Halloween is full of unique and quirky prints and jewellery, which I feel, may be lacking throughout the rest of the year. My favourite is definitely the green ghoul girl skirt and hopefully be making its way into my wardrobe very soon!

What are your plans for Halloween? 

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