Things I Love #1| Knuckle Rings.


So let me tell you about the relationship between knuckle rings and I. It's a love/hate relationship, I love seeing them on my fingers, but I hate that they are so easy to lose. I've bought many in the past, but the results are always the same, I wear them a couple of times and then they're never seen again. I don't misplace them, they just normally slide right off my finger whenever I'm out and about, and especially on nights out and I don't assume these knuckle rings are going to be any different. However, in the is pack of six, there are three, which will hopefully last me about a week or so. Six rings from H&M for £2.99, I can't really complain. I love how simple they are, but can really add to an outfit. The gold bands are all different thickness, the knuckle ones being the thicker of the six rings, hopefully meaning they may be less likely to fall off. If they do, I probably will be repurchasing next time I'm in H&M. 

love samantha

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