Clothes Haul #1

I had a little list of things that I needed to buy before university started back, so I headed into town to do a spot of shopping. I didn't buy a lot of things because, as other students may know, you don't get student loans until you official start back at uni and I still have a week to go. However, I had just got paid so I thought, why not go and get myself a few treats.  I only went to New Look and Primark not on purpose, I went to New Look first then went to Primark and spent up so home time for me. 

So this dress cost me £3 from New Look. Yes really. There was a big sale in the shop with many items starting from £1. However, all the items that I was interested in didn't have anything in my size, this is normally the case in big sales like these, unless you got there earlier enough. I found this little gem in a very dark corner all on its own among lots of other different style of dresses and thankfully in my size! It's a lovely cream colour and has a very pretty floral detail on the top half of the dress. I love the style of the dress, I think it suits my figure the best. But with £3 there's got to be a downfall right? Yes, it's the zip. There seems to always be a problem with zips getting over the waste band of these style of dresses, however, with a hard tug, it goes up fine. Also, in very me style, I got lipstick on the collar when I was trying it on, oops.
Next on to Primark. These two tops were quite impulse buys, as like I said normally I am quite organised when shopping, but Primark with their cheap (sometimes) clothes. The tiger t-shirt is not like something I would usually buy or wear, however, it was £2. I bought it just to lounge around initially, as it's not actually t-shirt material, but more like a thin jumper. However, once trying it on, I actually really like it. It's slightly cropped so I can pair it with some of my highwaisted items, it also has roll up sleeves which I think is a lovely little detial. The second is just a plain black cami and cost me £5. It's quite a stretchy material and has a little bit of a plunging neckline, which is not something I would normally go for but the straps convinced me to give it a go. The picture may not be clear enough to see very well, but the straps are delicate little gold chains and really makes a plain black cami much more exciting.

One of the main reasons I went shopping in the first place was for a new winter cardigan. I was basically looking for something which was thick, comfy and baggy in a winged style and reasonably priced and this is what I came home with. The picture doesn't make it look like the nicest thing in the world, it looks a lot better on. This cost me £14. Although I don't normally spend anything more than a tenner in Primark, compared to other high street chains to buy a cardigan like this would be a lot more. It's such a comfy piece of clothing and can literally wrap it all the way round myself to keep me warm. I can't wait to start wearing this when it started to get a bit cooler. 

So those are my buys for the day, I did get a few more bits, such as a birthday card, underwear and so on, but I don't really think I need to display them on the internet. Let me know what you've been buying recently.

love samantha. 

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