Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Kits | Echelon

When the Kyle Jenner lip kits came out, it’s fair to say that everyone went a little bit mental. 

It took a little bit of time, but finally the dupes started popping up all over the makeup world. 

In all honestly, I didn’t have an urge to pick up the Kylie Jenner lip kits as it was never something I was particularly interested in, especially after finding out more about the ingredients and it matching those of Colour Pop. 

I really wanted to care, but I didn’t. I’m a fan of the Kardashians, especially Kylie, but I’ve never had the urge to pick up a product because a celebrity has endorsed it. 

Makeup Bits I've Been Loving

Okay, so things have been a little bit quiet on the beauty blogging front recently. In all honestly, I don't really buy that much new stuff anyway more! I still love beauty and makeup, however I'm really trying to use up everything I have before I go buying lots of new makeup bits to add to my collection. 

These bits I've really been loving recently are since Christmas, so hey there Snow Fairy.  

March Book Haul

I haven't had chance to read a lot recently, but I've definately been enjoying buying a few new books. Here's what I've picked up recently.... 

Mother's Day Gift Guide | Venus Flowers

There's nothing quite like fresh flowers. Fresh flowers can instantly boost moods, make a room feel more homely and just generally create a happier atmosphere. 

Summer Garden Wish List

I've suddenly become very excited for Summer. The days are getting longer, the sky is blue and the sun is really starting to shine, I can't help but feel a burst of happiness of the thought of Summer coming back into our lives.

One reason that I'm so excited for Summer this year is because I finally have a garden. I've been living in flats, house shares and student housing for the last five years, I was lucky to have a slab of concrete as a garden. However, we now live in an actual house; an actual house with an actual garden. I never knew it was such a luxury until now. As we now have a garden, I'm excited to get it jazz it up for summer and enjoy the (hopefully) sunshine.